Mussels and Scallops

Retailers can purchase our Mussels through our co-operative; Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, of which we are proud to be members. Please contact 01698 844 221.

We also provide wholesale customers with our Mussels directly, and are also happy to speak to any customers about supplying Scallops (click here for our contact page).


We pack mussels in a variety of pack sizes and specifications to customers’ requirements. Our normal range is 5 x 5kg bags (however we can also do smaller pack sizes upon request), which are debyssed (a process which removes the mussels’ bysuss threads) and presents a much cleaner product with less prep time required by your customer.

Due to the number of harvesting sites that we can access (over 40) and the amount of contingency planning in our business we have an excellent ‘on time and full history’ delivery service. Blueshell is one of very few farms that can carefully and intelligently manage spawning and toxin risks to provide a 52-week supply, as well as being able to select the best possible mussels to harvest at any given time of year.

Scallops are shucked and meats packed in 1 or 2 kg tubs or otherwise as per your specification. Scallops are landed fresh daily by a number of small inshore vessels which are part of the Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation, (this low impact and premium quality selective fishery is currently undergoing MSC accreditation).