About us

In 1997 our business started with the installation of one mussel growing line and two mussel rafts, which provided
us with our first harvest of 49 tonnes in 2000.....

Since that time the business has grown production steadily investing
in cutting edge technology to remain the premier rope-grown mussel
producer in the UK, with our tonnage averaging roughly a third of the
total Scottish production. 

To enable the growth of our business previously we built and ran our
own mussel and scallop processing factories, however in 2016 we
transferred the operation of bothfactories to Scottish Shellfish, being
a co-operative run business of which we are significant members.
This allows us to concentrate on the mussel growing part of our
business and services. 

Shetlands heritage has constantly depended on the sea, as such we care about the environment. 

Our mussels are grown in pristine waters located far from centres of population. 

Mussel growing is an amazing business as it needs no chemicals or feed. 

Our islands are a great place to stay rugged and wild, yet breathtaking scenery. we also have great people- 
and businesses like ours are able to offer important indigenous employment sustaining the local economy.