July 2011; Ropes Deployed
Our boat crews have been really busy during the last 2 months deploying our spat collector ropes. Mussels spawn yearly in the late spring - early summer, when the mussel larvae drifts through the water column. when the larvae are about 0.25mm then they "settle" in a suitable place for growing, however if the mussels are not happy at this early stage, they can release their byssuss thread and move on. Our process simply provides a suitable place for them to "hang out". Hopefully they will stay in the lines for the 2.5 years before we harvest them. This year we are trying a new experiment with SI Seafarms whose farm we manage; we have deployed 2 lines at a very exposed site at Vementry in St Magnus Bay. On this site even in a fine day the boat rolls with the swell! - Mussel Farming at the edge!